AIS Monitor
Hanulsoft's AIS Monitor is an application that inquires the location, trajectory, and detailed information of nearby AIS ships from a ship or a quay. It also measures the distance between nearby AIS ships or provides an alarm when there is a vessel that has entered the border area.

Display of AIS ships

This is the most basic function, which applies the different colors for each type of ship that sends AIS signal and displays the wake of each ship.

Display of detailed information about ship

When you select a vessel using the mouse, a concentric circle is displayed around the selected vessel. On the right side of the screen, a window for confirming detailed information of the vessel appears. The selection of the vessel provides the choice of the vessel displayed on the electronic navigation chart and the selection from the vessel list.

Distance measurement

You can measure distances and cumulative distances between points and points. Even when the program is terminated, the distance measurement points are automatically stored without being deleted. Therefore, they are displayed again when the program is re-executed.

Display of entry into boundary area

When a ship enters a certain area, an alarm is sounded so that the administrator can easily recognize the entry state of the ship. The boundary area edited by the administrator like the distance measurement is not deleted even if the program is terminated.