ENC Kernel & Kernel SDK
Hanulsoft's electronic chart kernel provides the functions that the user wants and provides various APIs that developers need. Check out the videos below to see the features of the kernel, which are focused on accelerating display performance using 3D engine OpenGL, setting various display options, and managing memory for developing various forms of control system.

The structure of ENC Kernel SDK


High-speed display performance

The kernel provides high-speed display performance for moving, zooming, shrinking, and rotating, so that any kind of application development is free from the burden of display performance.

ENC display method setting

You can use the setting function to set the display format you want.

Display of layer and map selection

You can optionally display map layers and individual map files.


It provides the optimal solution for developing the monitoring system of the station. Each view is independently controllable, and there is no limit to the number of views. Each view shares a loaded electronic chart memory, so there is no additional memory wastage if the view or window grows.


With Unicode support, any language in the world can be displayed, so you only need to purchase electronic charts of countries where the ship is sailing.

Longitude Cycling

It provides a function to continuously draw map even when the longitude exceeds ±180 degrees.

ENC Kernel SDK

The electronic chart kernel SDK has more than 200 API functions that can implement the functions required by application applications. Of course, applications that demonstrate the functionality demonstrated in the above video have also been developed using the APIs of the SDK.

You can develop electronic chart application for end users in C, C ++ or C #.

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