Navigation Recorder MarineBlack

According to the statistics of the past five years , ship accidents on the sea have occurred every year with a steady frequency, and the accident rate of small fishing boats was found to be highest among them. In particular, there are many accidents that would not have occurred even if the boundary of the surrounding situation was not neglected.

MarineBlack continuously monitors the surrounding situation by detecting images from the cameras in front/rear/left/right directions of the ship, and detecting the presence of nearby ships through the GPS / AIS receiver and providing an alarm It is equipment that helps you to protect your precious life and property by avoiding collision accident between ships.

Key Features

MarineBlack is not just a DVR. It monitors the proximity of nearby ships through video and AIS and provide alarm to provide accident prevention function. And with the original function of the recorder, it keeps all the record of the voyage and helps you analyze after the accident.

Surrounding vessel detection by video

MarineBlack detects surrounding vessels that are captured from cameras mounted in front / rear / left / right directions of the ship, so that even in situations where passengers can not monitor constantly on their surroundings, it is possible to identify the presence of a nearby ship and take early action.

Calculation of proximity and collision probability by AIS/GPS

By connecting a GPS / AIS device to the MarineBlack, it predict my ship's track, other ship's track, nearest distance between my ship and other ship, or estimated time of nearest arrival. It acts as an assistant to assist for the safer navigation.

Function as a navigation recorder

All information collected during the navigation from the moment the MarineBlack is turned on is stored for at least ten days, and stored information can be used as an important evidence in the process of cause analysis when the accident occurred.

Compliance with international standard electronic chart standard

The built-in high-performance electronic chart display engine conforms to the international standards defined by the International Hydrographic Organization(IHO) and can be used in any country in the world.
Equipment Installation Diagram
Product Specifications by Model
Division Item HMB-1000BS (Lite) HMB-1000ST (Standard) HMB-1000AD (Advanced)
H/W Platform CPU Entry Level Standard Level Advanced Level
VGA On board External Graphic Adapter
POWER 65W External Adapter Rating 350W
PoE 5 Ports 9 Ports
IP Camera 3EA 4EA
Monitor(Option) 14" IPS Mini-LCD
Communication(Option) 4G LTE Router
S/W Platform O/S MS Windows 10
Electronic Chart O O O
Video Recording O O O
Video Channels 3 (Front, Left, Right) 4 (Front, Left, Right, Back)
Collision Warning Alarm X O O
Collision/Slope Detection X X O
Fishing boat installation example
Advanced Equipment.
Front, left and right sides
Front Camera
Left Camera
Rear Camera
Indide Cabin
Advanced Equipment. Front, left and right sides Front Camera Left Camera Rear Camera Indide Cabin

Ship Accident Statistics for 2012 ~ 2016

The accident rate of the fishing boat is the highest!

Ship type


Ferry Oil Tanker Cargo Ship Barge Ship Etc Fishing Ship
1월2456 776
2월3366 973
12월2367 874
Monthly / ship type marine accidents statistics for 2012 ~ 2016 (Unit: %)

During the past five years from 2012 to 2016, about 140 marine accidents have occurred each month. In particular, the accident rate of fishing vessels is the highest, and small vessels such as fishing boats and fishing boats can only be damaged by people and property if accidents occur due to the limitations of small hulls.

Of course, the rate of accidents is low compared to the number of registered fishing vessels, but the frequency of accidents is low. The possibility of maritime accidents that can cause human life and property damage is always present. Monitoring and alerting the situation and installing and operating the equipment to record all the conditions during the operation will help prevent accidents and identify the cause after the accident.